How Did We Do?

How Did We Do?

1) I understand how the features of the mortgage I have purchased meet my goals and objective. *
2) The adviser discussed affordability with me and I understood the costs involved and how much I could afford to borrow. *
3) My adviser appeared knowledgeable and was helpful at all times. *
4) My adviser made me feel at ease and unpressured in making my decision. *
5) Any questions I had were answered clearly, ensuring I understood at all times. *
6) The service was provided in a timely manner. *
7) The staff were polite, courteous and professional. *
8) I was given details clearly explaining your services and their cost early in our discussion. *
9) The recommendations made to me were presented in a clear manner and I was advised of the costs as well as the advantages of the mortgage. *
10) I would be willing to recommend your services to family, friends & colleagues. *